“StreamAnalytix provides a beautiful and thoughtfully designed visual user interface for application development and management.” — The Forrester Wave™ 2019

Impetus Technologies’ StreamAnalytix is a powerful, enterprise-grade visual analytics tool for businesses looking to derive real-time intelligence from their data. StreamAnalytix enables users to build and operationalize big data applications…

With omni-channel customer journeys becoming the norm, enterprises are today tasked with managing massive volumes of customer data that is generated in real-time. As the number of touch-points continues to grow rapidly, the need to have a single, unified view of all this data has become imperative. Though technology has…

Real-time anomaly detection has applications across industries. From network traffic management to predictive healthcare and energy monitoring, detecting anomalous patterns in real-time is helping businesses derive actionable insights in multiple sectors.

However, as data complexity increases, modern data science is simplifying and streamlining traditional approaches to anomaly detection.

How can today’s enterprises ride the modern data science wave to effectively address the evolving challenges of real-time anomaly detection? And what are the key differentiators businesses must look for, to identify a platform that meets their needs?

Let’s explore how modern data science is transforming anomaly detection as we know it.

Originally published at https://www.streamanalytix.com on May 21, 2020.

Impetus StreamAnalytix

Impetus’ StreamAnalytix is a self-service data flow, analytics and machine learning platform. Learn more here https://bit.ly/3fMqalu

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